That is genuine this occurs on Amazon not on different channels like Ebay. It is Amazon trademark.


Texas_Exile_BooksApr 15

In six years, never had a lost PM divide not very many lost Media Mail-possibly one each coupla years. .

In 2018, a few lost PM for every month-precisely the kind of misfortune you specified from a center point or circulation focus. Or then again unending delay(never documented as conveyed).

Took us a while to figure this was the equivalent as when USPS used to document: “OUT for DELIVERY-NO UPDATE”.

USPS, subject to their vaunted GPS frameworks, endeavoring to staunch $$ to go to annuity/protection costs, has laid off adjoin 20% of its workforce-the most experienced (and.highest salaried).

We have companions who work for USPS-and you wouldn’t accept what the bearers are compelled to do to maintain some similarity to control.

May some great leave Trump’s as of late reported examination of the USPS-however politically propelled because of his contempt of Bezos.

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decoraapparApr 15

In Feb and March we got around 35 guarantee “Conveyed yet not got” even at some point with mark affirmation as well. Today we got from Canada a similar case “Conveyed yet not got”. From eBay some time however from Etsy no case.

lasw13Apr 15

I would say, on the off chance that you truly need to think about what truly is going on to the bundles. Whatever post office that your bundle was missing from. Look at that postal codes post workplaces surveys. Those audits about that post office should give you a decent pointer if their is a postal issue with the transporters. On the off chance that the mail station has terrible audits particularly about missing bundles. At that point more than likely they have untrustworthy postal specialists. It runs with specific regions. I have issues conveying to Florida sort of close Ft. Lauderdale. I had a couple of bundles here either be conveyed way late or strangely absent. Poor audits in that or close to that region. The audits will state everything. At that point you need to continue with recording a case and an examination and so forth. At that point ask for a correct GPS area of the thing. It is a torment in the arse to need to manage.


BoutiqueApr 15

Just got one today – from multi month prior – requesting a substitution. USPS demonstrates conveyed.

I simply told him I will complete an examination through the USPS – and inquired as to whether he had reached his Post Office about this (duh).

For what reason do individuals hold up multi month to tell us ?? It is a lot harder to track a bundle a long time to multi month later. Wowsers !

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Just_Some_Lost_SoulApr 15 Texas_Exile_Books

May some great leave Trump’s as of late reported examination of the USPS-however politically roused because of his disdain of Bezos.

This is certifiably not something worth being thankful for all stages. I don’t figure he will achieve anything for USPS this term, and on the off chance that he does changes things they will change back once they understand what number of private company use USPS.

Agriculturists and different businesses have government programs online dealers have USPS. It’s exactly how it functions. He’s not in contact with all plans of action.

He will anyway make life extreme for Bezos however much as could reasonably be expected.

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zeegoApr 15 Gloves_Online_Inc

one of our client reqested discount despite the fact that she got the thing before due date . luckily we dispatched with mark affirmation. we barely got away from a to z. yet, client currently documented a chargeback. why there are couple of such tricksters. Amazon needs to boycott their purchaser represent misleading venders. not at all like ebay Amazon doesn’t have purchaser input framework.

SellerocityApr 15

I’m with you on the conveyance issues. They appear to go up. Concerning breaking, I’ve constantly observed every one of the bearers to be… by what method should I say it… severe. I’ve been compelled to bundle things to withstand 10 foot drops, individuals venturing on bundles, and so on. I simply expect that every one of the transporters will give a good old fashioned thumping to every one of my bundles.


Ohio_JApr 15

On the off chance that clients are getting harmed in travel things, you have to expand your bundling, and if USPS isn’t conveying bundles and they are lost, just offer Priority Mail benefit which incorporates protection.

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The_Gorgon_s_GalleryApr 15

I offer 50x more on Ebay than AMZ and I have never truly had an issue, anyway I over cushion every one of my bundles. My books are enclosed by a plastic envelope, padded with peanuts and boxed. I have seen not very many dealers send books the manner in which I do. Actually I am all the time irritated at the egregious negligence I find from dealers sending me books in envelopes! You can’t accuse the shipper for this sort of carelessness, (however I comprehend you’re not really.) Consequently nothing is broken by USPS. Clients… that is another story.

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american_70755Apr 15

It transpired two times per month, every thing cost 245$. I called purchaser nearby p


n the previous 30 days, I’ve been getting different request and warnings each and every day from clients informing me that USPS lost, broke, or generally couldn’t have cared less about my bundle or business. All look at – some give confirmation and others give following that essentially quits announcing after it achieves some arranging focus. In spite of the fact that my volume has expanded as of late, which builds the rate of these issues relatively, it’s still far higher then it ever has been, or ought to be, demonstrating a generally late advancement in quality control (or scarcity in that department) from USPS. I’m draining cash from this and it isn’t at all reasonable… has any other person seen this, or am I only unfortunate starting late?



Apr 15

last answer

Oct 1230









Just_Some_Lost_SoulApr 15

From Amz clients truly, From different destinations I offer at not in any manner. It’s the client base Amz draws in.


node36Apr 15

Should’ve made reference to, this isn’t AZ, this is all channels. AZ is really the slightest of the issue, despite the fact that these issues are as yet an upward pattern here also.

Gloves_Online_IncApr 15

Throughout the most recent year, we think that its exceptionally odd that our clients who buy from us on Amz document claims for non-conveyance and we have not had one grievance about USPS shipments made on our site. It creates the impression that AMZ clients have made sense of that it is anything but difficult to get free items by essentially guaranteeing no-conveyance by USPS.

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frsystems1Apr 15

Indeed, this has transpired as of late. The thing never made it out of my neighborhood dispersion focus. This is uncommon. I figure the bundle may have gotten harmed and they never advised me. I don’t pursue following for every one of my bundles and I could never have known whether the “simple pleasant” client had not told me.

I could discount him without any issues. It occurred in February and he informed me in April. I saw a late shipment in my metric however I thought it was something conveyed late. I don’t get enough of these to be excessively concerned.

Emily_s_MarketApr 15

Concur, on eBay for a long time not one misfortune. The mail station appears to just lose Amazon orders for reasons unknown.